Speed Of Light In Air

Speed of Light in Air Approximatley 3,00,000 KM Per Second

Some Questions about science and latest techniques are very interesting and informational for many of people. The Speed of Light in Air is one the question that mostly asked by many peoples. The Speed of light depends on the environment like dusty weather can reduce the speed of light. The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles per second, In miles that might look like low speed. 186,282 miles that mean 299,792 kilometers per second which is very fast.

According to theory, nothing can travel faster than light in the world. When you see the light from a distance but you can’t count the time that reaches to you. If you count the Speed of light miles per hour, it looks a lot: about 670616,629 mph. Theory says nothing can travel faster than light, neither a Rocket nor a missile etc. If anyone could travel at the speed of light, he could go around the Earth 7.5 time in just one second. This sounds good but that’s not possible.

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Actual Speed of light in Air

If you are looking for actual speed of light in Air means how to find the exact speed of light? We are trying to define the answer. The index of refraction, of air, is 1.000293. The Speed of Light, in a vacuum, is defined to be 299792458 miles per second to define the value of a meter, this is the exact value.

So from the above values, we can find the speed of light in air. The exact speed of light is 299792458/1.000293, or about 299704644.54 miles per second.

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What is a light-year?

One of the most important and most asked question by users and student is what is a light-year? When you discuss light we can’t forget to discuss light-year. So what you think you a Light-Year? Tell us in the comment box before reading further. We want to know your knowledge about the speed of light in your perspective.

A Light-Year is known as the distance light travels in one year is one light-year of that thing. This looks complicated to understand but this is not as hard to understand as it seems. One light-year is a measure of both time and distance. We are trying to provide you knowledge with examples so here we have an easy example to help for understanding.

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speed of light in air

For Example Light travels from the moon to earth means to our eyes in about 1 second, which means the moon is about 1 light-second away. Sun is too far from the earth and Sunlight takes about 8 minutes to reach our eyes, so the sun is about 8 light-minutes away. There are many star system in this universe. Light from the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, requires roughly 4.3 years to get here, so that star system is said to be 4.3 light-years away.

I am sure you will now understand completely about Light-Year.

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At the end the summary of above topic is that we are discuss speed of light in Air. How to find the exact speed of light which is very fast around 300k km per second. Just Imagine if you are traveling with the speed of light what happens? Tell us about you thoughts in the comment box. At the end we discuss light-year and how we easily understand about a light-year.

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