how to make money with ClickBank

How To Make Money With ClickBank 500$ Per Day With ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the most famous platforms for affiliate marketing and getting a commission from sales. When someone asks about How to make money with ClickBank? I just recommend them about ClickBank. One thing in your mind about online making money than how to make money easily. The online world is very wast and many new and old platform like ClickBank are available to start your online business.

If you already know about affiliate marketing then you must know about ClickBank. Everyone wants to earn more and more with ClickBank and other platform but here I would recommend you to choose one platform first and then work on it. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business but it take time to start and stable. This Article is for new marketers to motivate them and tell them about how to use ClickBank.

One of the simplest ways to make money online in 3 figure is to sell products of others to anyone and earn a commission. This work is known as affiliate marketing in which you other’ products. In ClickBank, you found a marketplace where you choose the right product to sell. Now we are going to start how to make money with ClickBank.

how to make money with ClickBank
ClickBank Dash Broad

Why ClickBank?

How to make money with ClickBank, There are many affiliate programs in the online world and one of them is ClickBank. You can use any of them to make money in 3 figure or 4 figure but there are many things that are good in ClickBank over other platforms. Some of the advantages and best features are listed below:

  • Very high commissions
  • Fast Payment
  • Friendly Environment for New Users
  • Multiple varietie of products

Very high commissions

ClickBank pays more commission than other platforms to sell products. Most of the products in ClickBank pay 60%-70% commission. If you want to make money online in a very easy way you can easily do this now. Its simple to say that if you sell 100$ product you earn 60$-70$ in a single sale which is best for any new user. If you earn 50$ form every sale and there only one sale in the whole day that means you earn 1500$ per month.

Daily Gross Collection

Fast payment

Online work is always looking like risk because every new user thought that they will paid or not their commission but don’t worry about your money in this case. ClickBank as often as weekly or bi-weekly payment which is not provided by any other network. They keep your money for 30 days and after you have earned them. That is more difficult for paid traffic users. You can add your own payment method like bank transfer or Payoneer which is best to get your money easily.

Friendly Environment for New Users

ClickBank provides you a very friendly environment for the new user and all their users. A Very easy way to understand their policy and get an easy way to sell products.

Multiple varieties of products

There are many different varieties of products available to sell like fashion, health and fitness, green products and many other products. It has thousands of products which are available to sell and got the commission.

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Here we are discussing about the steps to make money online from ClickBank and get more commission per day. There are three major steps:

  1. Find a product/offer.
  2. Start funnel.
  3. Drive traffic to Product.

1. Find a Product/Offer

First of all, you should select one product among all of the products that you think this product make more sales for you. ClickBank provides you thousands of products in their ClickBank Marketplace with a commission percentage and all other things that are most important to select a product. Multiples products are given for you and its up to you which product you select to sell. For example, there are many products in the health and fitness category that are very effective in the sale of health products.

Choose a Product

2. Start Funnel

When you have chosen your desired product now its time to decide how you drive your visitors to the product and get some commission after the sale. There are a few ways to drive your traffic or start funnel to the product.

  • Direct linking: ClickBank provides you a hop link to the product with your username that helps you to get money in your account. One of the ways is direct linking to the product that means you will send hop link directly to visitors like sharing on social media and other platforms. This is one of the best ways to sell the product but in rare cases, it’s not recommended to go down that way. You should provide some information about the product to warm up your visitor.
  • Lander > Offer: Very second approach is landing pages to sell products. This means you should create a landing page of that product you want to sell with some information about that product. This approach is much better than the above approach to take the attention of visitors and get them to the product. The landing page could be a web page, review to offer, a review video, or an article. Your visitor land on the landing page and then click a link and redirect to the product page.
  • Lander > Opt-in > Offer: The third approach is authority hacker’s approach in which you offer some gifts or anything else to visitors get their email. Your gifts or offer must be related to your product that you want to sale. After that, you have you created an email list that will help you to get more sales.
Hop Link

3. Traffic

Now the third step is very important which is traffic. So how do you drive visitors to your products or your landing pages? Driving traffic could be getting more attention and effort. Some times its better to pay for traffic to get more direct traffic and get more sales. There are many ways to get traffic to your product.

  • SEO
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Social Marketing
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

For More about traffic visit How To Increase Sales


How to make money with ClickBank is our topic today in which we explain about Clickbank and the use of ClickBank. One thing that is important that how much your earn from ClickBank in one day? The Answer is unlimited money. It’s up to you and your working effort, if you 50$ commission product then you should at least 10 to 20 products per day to make 3 to 4 figure money in one day. If you 2 Products you earn 100$ easily and that is good for you in the start. I hope you understand the topic How to make money with ClickBank.

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