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Guest post about technology, marketing, SEO and WordPress topics. Guest post is the best way to get a link to your site and get free Authority. If you want to write a guest post for TECHNOFLAKE.COM please follow the rules and regulations and contact us.


Our readers are interested in SEO, Marketing, Technology, WordPress, Hosting and Domains .

they want to get specific knowledge about:

  • Social Media and Marketing Strategies,
  • SEO Strategies, 
  • Marketing Strategies, 
  • About Technology
  • Social Media Tips and Solutions,
  • SEO problems with Solutions
  • Latest Marketing Tips and Solutions,
  • Tools for New Marketers,
  • Other ideas About Related Topics

they are usually: 

  • Marketers,
  • Bloggers,
  • Small Business Owners,
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Technology

About Your Post

  • very useful and practical for our new readers and old readers
  • full of details with you experience (info graphics, screenshots, examples, other graphics and stats)
  • understandable to everyone (simple language and explanations)
  • based on a keyword (seed keyword is defining what you write about)


You need to select the title that based on seed keyword.

1. We’re looking for a content based on the seed/focused keywords (max. 3)

2. Search Volume: 2000 or more/month for all keywords together

3. Difficult: lower than 30 for each one

4. Specific/long tail 

Before you start writing, please, share with us your topic’s ideas and seed keywords 🙂

Note: Promotional content/link is not allowed.

Note: We accept only high-quality well-researched article.

NOTE: Do not forget about meta description!

NOTE: Do not forget about brief article description!

We need to accept your title.


  • Minimum of 500+ words
  • Don’t be too formal
  • Focus on the reader – “you’re”, “you can also” etc.
  • Use H2 and H3 subheadings
  • An image or dot points every 200 words
  • Bold useful, important phrases

About Title

  • Your title needs to be 58-63 characters length
  • You need to show value to the user in a title so that they cannot resist reading your blog post

For example

  • Social Media Marketing Guide – WRONG
  • Social Media Marketing: a step-by-step guide to promote real estate business – GOOD IDEA


  • At the end of your introduction, use 3-5 dot points to tell the reader what they will know by the end of the article.


  • Create a conclusion that summarises what the reader should have learned
  • Ask a question(s) that encourages the reader to leave a comment


  • Images should be square or landscape. 
  • Info graphics or mobile screenshots are an exception.
  • Proper image file types – we’re in love with PNG and GIF format and you should be in love with them too. 😉

text format

  • Use Arial font and size 12 
  • Paragraphs should be no more than 3.5 lines long
  • Never lose your topic for off-topic – you’re an expert, right?


SEO meta description & brief article description

Focus keyword

  • Put your focus keyword on the top of your document.


  • Please attach your images into your document and email
  • A featured image size: 1431 x 750 px
  • Describe your images by naming them correctly!
  • Alt tags for each image using the focus keyword
  • A description (2-3 sentences) that excerpt to entice read your article.
  • A few quotes that are describing your article


  • Use Google Keyword Planner, Keyword ToolAhrefs etc to find the main/seed/focus keyword
  • Readability is the most important thing – don’t stuff keywords everywhere if it doesn’t have any sense
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Use keywords in H1, H2 and H3 headings and dot points if it’s possible
  • Link to a maximum of 2 external domains per article
  • No more than 2 links to each of those external domains


  • We’re not going to publish something that’s been posted elsewhere.
  • If we already published your post, you cannot publish it somewhere else.
  • If we already published your post, you give us permission to share the article on social media.

Before you start writing, Please Take a look on Important note above. please, share with us your topic’s ideas and seed keywords 🙂

We need to accept your title.