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GB Whatsapp Latest Version | Download APK Latest version 2019

GB Whatsapp is another version of Whatsapp that is a very popular application today about chatting. Whatsapp is a very popular android and IOS application which makes the life of humans very easy and stay connected with each other in a very easy and cheap way. Many people before WhatsApp using other chat rooms and phone’s chat apps. But that is not too much easy to use and that is expensive as well. GB Whatsapp is a application like whatsapp and almost same like whatsapp but it has many other features that makes you happy.

You might have installed whatsapp on your andriod device and use it for you to connect with your friends. Whatsapp provides you many free features like voice call, video call and group call with your friends more than one friend. You can call with your friends as conference call as video call or voice calls with friends and family. Many people use for publicity of their small business and sell their products easily.

Whatsapp provides you many features but with limitations of these features like sending a file with a limit of the file size of 25 MB. In original Whatsapp, you can set your video status for only 30 seconds of video limit. You can use many of features that you most like in this Whatsapp but sometimes you irritated with this privacy and want some access. But there is limited access for you in Whatsapp like if you want to send any Image to anyone else but you lose your original pixels of the image. But here we have a solution for you in the form of GB Whatsapp.

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What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a mod apk of Whatsapp that is powered by a private company to support many people with some additional features. There are many new and best features available for you to handle your Whatsapp is the best way. You can change your private privacy like if you want to stay hide among your friends you can set your privacy. If you want to set your Whatsapp like you view anyone’s status but you don’t want to show your view, you can hide your privacy here easily.

GB Whatsapp

Some of the other features we will discuss here in this article so please stay with us. One of the best features that everyone always wants to be in Whatsapp but not available and that is download status of anyone. In GB Whatsapp you can download status of anyone like if your friend put a good status and you like that status and want to save but could not do this in original Whatsapp but now you can download it easily with GB Whatsapp. You can put your status upto 4 to 10 mint instead of 30 seconds instead you can put your status as you want.

Some of other feature we will discuss in Features section.

GB Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp

Here we have a comparison between Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp and then the decision is yours that what you want to have and what should you out from your phone. GB WhatsApp is the best alternative of WhatsApp that it has many new features that everyone wants to have in their WhatsApp. Here a small comparison is given below with features.

Features Comparison

WhatsappGB Whatsapp
One theme Visual themes added
Emojis New emoticons added
Status Limit: 30 SecondUnlimited time for stauts
No Status DownloadDownload any status
File size limit 25 MB File size limit 50 mb
No change in iconMany icons
You cann’t hide your last connection/status Hide your last connection/status
No Edit in
Edit appearance and settings of everything
You can’t hide Blue tikHide blue tik

Download GB Whatsapp

How To Install?

  • There are a few steps to download and install GB Whatsapp for free.
  • Download the APK file from the above link to your device.
  • Go to file manager and install your APK file.
  • Now go to icon manager and click on Whatsapp icon.
  • You have to agree with the agreement and put your phone number in the Whatsapp.
  • Now put the code in the code field and your Whatsapp is active now.
  • Enjoy your features and many more.


At the end we are here to ask you something that what you think about GB Whatsapp. In this article we had discuss about Whatsapp and Latest mod apk of Whatsapp that are more conformable for you. In may personal view I am also using GB Whatsapp and suggest to you. thank you so much for your time. Stay Connected.

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