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GB Instagram Latest Version V1.60 APK Free Download

Instagram is mostly used the application in nowadays. Most of the people move from Facebook to Instagram due to privacy and more interesting features. GB Instagram is a mod apk for Instagram to make more fun on your android device. After GB Whatsapp we are here to show you GB Instagram which is best for you to get some new features that are not available in official Instagram.

GB Instagram helps you to run two accounts in the same android device. You can download the latest version of GB Instagram for free and enjoy your both accounts in the same device. Many people wants to download Instagram videos but they can’t do this because Instagram not offering this feature so far. But now GB Instagram is available to save anyone’s video you like.

More About GB Instagram

Instagram has widely used Android application has a lot of users. Many people use for just time pas, many people use for entertainment and most of the people use for business. We want to connect with the people of another city, another region, and another country to interact with them. But that was not possible but now it is possible with these kind of applications like Instagram.

Instagram offers many features that are very interesting and privacy safety features. But we want more access with Instagram like we want to save videos and images. We want to add some Bio and copy Bio of anyone else but can’t do this with the official App. GB Instagram is now the best mod apk of Instagram that offers you many new and desired features.

In this article, we are going to discuss more GB Instagram and its features. GB Instagram is not an official app but its look similar to the official Instagram. You can download and install GB Instagram in your Android device and enjoy the features.

GB Instagram Vs Official Instagram App

After the success of Facebook, there is another social platform app called Instagram. Instagram is another social platform that goes successful among people and gets a lot of users. Instagram offers many interesting features that you like in the very start but with the passage of time, you don’t like all these features. Because many of the features do not provide you satisfaction like video download. In Official Instagram there is no option to download anyone’s video but in GB Instagram you can download the video.

In simple words, you can download other’s posted pictures and videos with the latest modded app of Instagram named as GB Instagram. Many other features we will discuss later in this article. Here one important thing you should keep in mind and that this modded app is not available on play store because this is not official, It’s a third party application. Play store does not offer third-party apps on their store. If you don’t trust third-party apps then you can download GB Instagram without any problem because of its safe for you and anyone else.

GB Instagram has some latest and unique features that are not offering by the official version of Instagram. If you think you can just download Pictures and Videos of others in the mod apk than you think wrong. You can get also some customization options and get more themes in GB Insta. So I am sure you just love it.

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Download APK Now

You can download the latest version of this modded apk and install it your device.

Features Of GB Instagram APK

Some Features of GB Insta are here that might make more interest in your mind for GB Insta so please stay with us and read all the features.

  • No Root Access: If you think you need to root your device to use this modded application than here good news for you that there is no need to root. You just download the APK file and install it in your android device and enjoy the app.
  • Dual Instagram: Another best feature for you is that you can run both Instagram at the same time and in the same Android device. You don’t need to uninstall your official application of Instagram. GB Insta has its own package name so that’s why you can run both in the same device and you can enjoy a dual Instagram.
  • Themes: You got many themes to set them with your own choice. GB Insta provides you many features in which one best feature is its themes. You can set any of theme that you most like and customized your Instagram.

Download Options and Customization

  • Download Videos and Images: You can download videos and pictures of anyone’s account. Most interesting and required feature for Instagram users is to download the videos and images of anyone else. In the GB Instagram, you can do this.
  • App Customization: Good news for you now it will be if you customize your Instagram right. Well with the help of modded Instagram you can do your customization and enjoy a beautiful look of your Instagram.
  • Play audio with Video automatically: The most annoying thing with Instagram that I don’t like is whenever you click on a video it will play the video without audio. You have to click once more to get the sound. But with GB Instagram you don’t have to worry about that, It will play automatically when you play any video.
GB Instagram

Copy Features

  • Copy Bio: If you like someone’s bio on Instagram and you try to copy it but you can’t do this. Well, in GB Insta you can do this. Using this modded application, you can copy anyone’s Instagram bio and make your own.
  • Copy comments: In official Instagram, you can’t copy anyone’s comment. Sometime you may feel that the comment of someone is awesome by looking at your friend’s comments. In that case, GB Instagram gives you the feature to copying their comments and use them later.
  • Comment Translation: You can get cool comment translation of those comments that you can’t understand. From the other language of comments now its easy to understand with this best feature of GB Insta.
  • Zoom profile Pictures: If you like someone’s profile picture and you want to zoom the picture and starring it closely. Now you can do this with GB Insta.
  • Notification Count: Now you can count your all notifications with GB Instagram. That will help you to get an idea of how much pending notification you have.

Download the Latest Version of GB WhatsApp

Download APK

You can download the latest version of this modded apk and install it your device.


At the end I am sure you understand all these things about the Modded apk of Insta. All about the features of GB Insta discussed above and now its easy to choose the right thing for you. Click the above download button to download and install it to your android device. Hope you enjoy the GB Instagram.

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